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*4 ways Rolling wheels
*Height Adjustable
*Load capacity upto 20kgs
*Place to Hold a brush/pen/pencils bucket
*Waterproof Worktop

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*Dimensions :60cmx40cm worktop
*Height Adjustable
*2 portion worktop
*work as one and or can separated in two to place coffee or mouse
*Both Tops Minimum Height 22inches
*Both Tops Maximum Height 41inches
*4 ways Rolling wheels
*Power coated
*Scratch & rust free
*PVC Edge Bended
*Completely Detachable
*Load capacity upto 20kgs
*Horizontal 270 degree rotate able
*Vertically 0 to 90 degree rotate able
*Tilt & Pan control
*Waterproof Worktop
*Water Resistant Power coated
*Smooth worktop for Drawings
*Place to Hold a brush/pen/pencils bucket
*Imported wheels (ball Bearing)
*Very smooth handling
*Available in White and Black colors
*worktop is also available in Furniture brown and Textured white


Overbed Laptop/Book/Dining Table
Oversofa Laptop/Book/Dining Table
ArtBoard( Drawing Board)
Dining Table
Outdoor Leisure Table
Tea Trolley
Lecture table
School speech table
and so on,…….

Good Features

5.0 rating
4th January 2019
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Design wise this is a good table.Love the adjutable feature

Sardar Safdar


4.0 rating
21st December 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Satisfied with the product, the upper panel is bit crossed fixed it by added wiser in bottom leg screw, manufacturer
need to pay attention on it to make it complete horizontal

Umar Hamid

Easy to Assembled

5.0 rating
16th December 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

very great product to use at my bed

Ayesha Memon

No assembling imethod

4.0 rating
13th December 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

No diagram for assemblin it but good thing is it easy to do it brother helped me to do it,

Maryam I

Loving it so far

5.0 rating
2nd November 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

was looking for a desk chair, but came across this and wanted to use this for using my laptop on the couch or chair….. Basically something which was height adjustable
out of all expensive ones, I found this to be pretty decent….


Bad screws

3.0 rating
1st October 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Product is sturdy .. quality is NOT high end, Im keeping it as a handy item… screwing is bad

F Shehzad


5.0 rating
16th September 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

At 1st look dosent looked nice but when assembled it and used i was very much conviened thank you

Zonish Azhar

Satisfied and Recommended

4.0 rating
17th August 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Looks very premium, and material quality is good, but one issue im facing it is shaking horizontally. Although I assembled it well enough. In this price range it is worth buying

Sheikh Ali


5.0 rating
8th August 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Its a nice table, sturdy and useful for kids. Height is adjustable, you can also tilt the table top as required. Useful for kids to write as well as eat.

Hayat Billi

Average Table

3.0 rating
19th July 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

1. The screws wont hold the table top in a particular position it gets rotated if applied pressure on the edges one side ( if there was a whole to hold the table top then it’s good)
2nd adjustable height takes time if you want to use it as a laptop table and change it as kids writing table

Zanib Asif

Price is Good

5.0 rating
3rd July 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Very good product for laptop users with this reasonable price.

Ali Imran

Packing Not Good

4.0 rating
23rd June 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Sturdy, simple and meets my needs. the mygiftland customer service was very responsive when I reported a small plastic cap for a lever was broken. shipped a replacement cap immediately.

King Mohsin

Good Quality

5.0 rating
15th June 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Table is very useful. It can be adjusted in small space which it’s USP. Height adjustable settings are equally good. My 8 year old daughter, 12 year old son and myself are regular users now. Only improvement area could be that it sometimes vibrate coz it is standing on wheels, but I can be controlled by putting one’s foot on the stand.
overall a very useful product.

Fahad Murtaza

High end

5.0 rating
20th May 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Delivered today, Nice product, Looking good. I was looking for a product to maintain good posture and add some comfort while sitting and working. Good for any size of Laptop and offers much flexibility as its height can be adjusted and top can be tilted as per requirements

tehseen Ali

Easy Assembling

5.0 rating
13th May 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Strong and Sturdy . It’s a hit at home.

Afaq Ch

Good table, bad packaging with damaged piece

2.0 rating
19th April 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Table was damaged from corners and also very ugly packing not satisfied

Qadeer A

Fit to my needs

4.0 rating
11th April 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Useful for Laptop and study purposes but the main thing i love you can use it anywhere in your home but it needs some improvements like in packaging etc…

Imran K

Good Quality

4.0 rating
10th April 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Very good product. Worth for the price. Easy assembly. Product design is excellent. No good finishing

Umar H

Good Quality

3.0 rating
17th March 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Its a bit shaky but I am happy with and i am using daily 8 to 10 hours daily in weekdays since I received.

Falak Israr

Love it

5.0 rating
5th March 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Excellent utility. perfect for my need. now I am able to comfortably recline in my bed and use my laptop on the table. When I want to get up I can easily move the table.
thank you very much to my giftland.

Huma basit


4.0 rating
27th February 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

It fulfills my all needs. Received after 6 days very late delivery , but satisfied

Asfand Ali

Improvements needed

3.0 rating
12th February 2018
Review of UNI-TAB (GL-22)

Like the idea of adjustable table to different heights and only thing to improve is to make it more stable when working like for me i am a painter and its works good but little bit shaky so please stable it.

Amnina Sheikh

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 60 in

Black, White