Computer Table,Laptop Table,Adjustable Table

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*4 ways Rolling wheels
*Height Adjustable
*Load capacity upto 20kgs
*Place to Hold a brush/pen/pencils bucket
*Waterproof Worktop

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*Dimensions :60cm x 40cm worktop
*Height Adjustable
*Minimum Height 22inches
*Maximum Height 41inches
*4 ways Rolling wheels
*Power coated
*PVC Edge Bended
*Completely Detachable
*Load capacity upto 12kgs
*360 degree rotate able
*0 to 90 degree rotate able
*Tilt & Pan control
*Waterproof Worktop
*Water Resistant Power coated
*Smooth worktop for Drawings
*Place to Hold a brush/pen/pencils bucket
*Imported wheels (ball Bearing)
*Very smooth handling
*Available in White and Black colors
*worktop is also available in Furniture brown and Textured white


Overbed Laptop/Book/Dining Table
Oversofa Laptop/Book/Dining Table
ArtBoard( Drawing Board)
Dining Table
Outdoor Leisure Table
Tea Trolley
Lecture table
School speech table
and so on,…….


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