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*Seprate Keyboard Drawer
*Lockable Wheels
*Foot rest
*Huge worktop
*32″ x 24″ worktop

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*Dimensions of worktop:32″ x 24″
*Main Worktop Height 30 inches
*Keyboard Drawer size=22″ x 12″
*Book Shelf size= 24″ x 12
*Lockable Wheels
*4 ways Rolling Wheels
*Rounded corners for safety
*Powder coated
*Scratch less and dust proof
*PVC Edge Bended
*Completely Detachable
*Load capacity upto 20kgs
*Waterproof metal coat
*Water Resistant Worktop
*High Grade Carbon Steel
*17mm Melamine MDF
*Smooth worktop for Drawings
*Special ball Bearing Casters
*Smooth Handling
*Drag and Play
*Light weight
*Available in White and Black colors
*worktop is also available in Furniture brown and Textured white

Amazing Product

5.0 rating
13th November 2018

The table was delivered to me in complete knockdown state had to assemble it myself. Assembling is easy as well the parts are neatly organised and packed. the instruction guide to assemble is not very detailed.
overall took 40 minutes to assemble.
overall the build is good for the price and sturdy enough to place your laptop and work comfortably. Please don’t try to keep very heavy objects on it or try to sit on it as it might break. The caster wheels makes it super easy to move around.

Zoya Ali

Nice Look and quality

5.0 rating
23rd April 2018

For someone like me who prefers studying at a desk/working on a laptop while sitting on the floor /bed, this product is perfect! It has decent built quality and is light weight. Can be folded and stored compactly.. It seems to be made for me!

Danial Kapoor


5.0 rating
20th December 2018

Well, I must say I am now addicted to this table. Before receiving this product I have grown impatient to receive this product and after receiving it I m quite satisfied. Packaging was excellent. Inspite of good packaging there is gap or presence of tiny mark is found on the surface of table.

Jamal Hussain

Good for Office

5.0 rating
16th November 2018

I use this in my small business office this works good for me but need improvements,

Khalil Dar

Looks Durable

5.0 rating
16th October 2018

I have received this table in perfect condition and its looking good and more its comfortable to use. Looks durable

Muhammad Usman

Hard to Assemble

4.0 rating
2nd October 2018

Very hard to assemble but instruction are not given. So after 30 minutes hard i manage to assemble it.
Nice looking on other hand.

Rahat S

Nice One

4.0 rating
8th September 2018

I have just bought this product and it is a bit wobbly but still is pretty comfortable to use and spacious enough. worth the money.

Zahoor Idrees

Better quality

5.0 rating
24th July 2018

Good product for using computer and children writing… quality is goods my children loves it.Thanks for such a creative thing.

Sheikh Ali Rehman

Finishing is great

5.0 rating
11th July 2018

Table works fine but finishing is very good overall packing was very good but not professional,

Qureshi Jahangir

Good Table

5.0 rating
1st June 2018

Good Table
Timely delivery

Huma A


5.0 rating
13th May 2018

Matched my expectations and has a very good quality. Better than what I expected.

Huma Bukhari

very handy

4.0 rating
9th May 2018

You can drag and work anywhere nice product it is, cornor was damged

Sadaf I

Hard to assemble

3.0 rating
15th April 2018

For study purpose, it is compact, require less space. Assembling was really hard but once i did it it was a mater piece,

Sumair Aziz

Perfect Size

5.0 rating
5th March 2018

Just the right size and shape. Very useful

Zaheer Ganj

Geat Idea by designer

4.0 rating
15th February 2018

Thats What we call good design..!!!
Looks like a lot of thought has went into this while designing Amazing product.

Khan Muhammad

Very Bad

2.0 rating
7th February 2018

All cornors was damaged but we still works fine not buying again

Ansari S

Additional information

Dimensions 32 × 24 × 6 in

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